Resting Peel is a natural herbal treatment descended from 18th century Europe. The treatment method was known as Needle Sponge Extract and was commonly used by pharmaceutists across Europe to enhance the body’s intake of nutrients.

Bringing together the innate benefits of Needle Sponge Treatment with modern scientific skincare, Dermier revamps the formula and introduces the new Resting Peel solution. Not only does the new solution derives benefits from the original treatment, it also draws advantages from modern skincare technology to improve stability and the overall nourishment results.

Dermier Resting Peel is a complex amalgamates of siliceous and seaweed threads arranged into needle like microscopic crystal formation. These extremely small crystal pins will penetrate into our skin, bringing along with it nourishing particles, that would dissolve together with the crystal pins when it reaches our lower dermal.

Due to the active infiltration of nourishing particles, the Resting Peel Solution turns the condition of our skin into sponge like texture, allowing our skin to absorb more useful nutrients for better nourishment effects.

*The treatment package contains 6 sets of Resting Peel Solution which can be split into twelve treatments so long as you only make up half of the treatment and ensure plastic cab is secure, as one bottle makes more than enough for one face mask treatment .
**A 30ml bottle of Dermier Collagen Serum is included



Always do a skin test first to ensure no skin irritation occurs 

During treatment, slight tenderness may occur in some area and this will normally wear off within 24 hours

Individuals with Rosacea skin condition should use solution only when advised by a professional beautician.

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Dermier Resting Peel (Needle Sponge Treatment)

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