The all new Dermier hydro replenishment silk face masks is extremely effective at delivering nourishment and nutrients due to its 

exceptionally close cobtact with our dermal. The texture of the mask is divine and settles perfect on our skin for maximun absorption.
The result is instantaneous, symtons of dehydration and tired skin are revived. 
These come in 5 flavours and work great on there own as a treatment or combined with the face peek kits 

Dermier Bird Nest Essence Silk Face Masks is a definitive Skin Revitalization mask that is an Intense Moisturizer & Norishment.

Bird nest extract is a rare and precious ingredient, its rejuvenating capacity has been unparalleled ever since discovery.
Not only does the mask restore elasticity through reforming collagenic bonds, the rich protein also nourishes the roots of our dermal for a remarkable complexion up lift.
The mask is recommended for individuals with dull and dehydrated skin appearances. Other benefits of the mask includes improve moisture level, enhance skin immune system, reduce redness of sensitive skin etc...

Dermier Honey Essence Silk Face Masks The natural nutrients of the honey extract indulges our skin in a soothing surrounding of rich moisture.The Dermier Honey Essence Silk mask offers a rich and sensual facial experience.The mask also provides in-depth moisturizing effects, refreshing the roots of our dermal to sustain a tangible shine at all time.

Dermier Seaweed Essence Silk Face Masks The mask's rich natural nutrient nourishes the skin with a variety of essential vitamins, improving our skin complexion and strengthening its immunity to undesirable surroundings.The Dermier Seaweed Essence Silk mask is ideal for individuals with oily skin and dull facial appearances

Dermier L-VC Acne & Blemish Control Silk Face Masks L-VC is an extremely powerful natural whitening agent, its capacity at balancing skin complexion is no short from being amazing !Not only does the mask restore health to the skin and reduce pigmentation, it also improves the skin's natural immune system and suppresses the redness and of after effects of acne and blemish outburst.  The mask is recommended to individuals wanting to sustain a vibrant skin complexion or for individuals with unhealthy skin and acne problems.

Dermier Bio Peptide Silk Face Masks Reputed as the next generation of scientific skincare by the WCD (World Congress of Dermatology), Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 is the underlying source that catalysts the benefits of the Dermier Bio Peptide Silk mask.This enables our skin to take full benefits of the nourishment and reinstates itself in a refined and silk like texture. Aside from being extremely effective at handling aging symptoms, the Bio Peptide mask is also a great antioxidant that reduces the damage cause to skin by UV and sunlight.

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Dermier Treatment Anti Wrinkle silk Face Masks

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